Drowning is preventable


drownings in Australia since 2005.


of these occurred in public pools.


drowning deaths worldwide every year estimated by the World Health Organisation.

Poseidon is the world’s leading computer vision drowning detection technology
for public and commercial pools and the only technology that meets International Standards.

If you are drowning, your chance of survival goes from 16% to over 80% with Poseidon.

We’re about saving lives…one pool at a time.

The Need

Lifeguards cannot be trained to save what they cannot see.

Lifeguards recognised only 16% of victims within the 10/20 rule (10 seconds to detect, 20 seconds to rescue) Average detection time 1 minute 9 seconds.

No matter how watchful and dedicated lifesavers are, they are also only human. It’s impossible for them to monitor every swimmer in a pool, at every minute.

Detection time of mannequin underwater by lifeguards*

16% - Less than 10 seconds.
31% - 11 to 30 seconds.
15% - 31 to 60 seconds.
24% - 61 to 180 seconds.
14% - More than 180 seconds.

* Jeff Ellis & Associates, 2001 and 2002 study. 682 tests performed.

Detection time of mannequin underwater by Poseidon

80% - 10 seconds.
(Poseidon average detection performance.)

But it’s vital to reach a drowning victim before it’s too late and every second counts.

With its network of cameras analysing activity in a pool, Poseidon provides added layers of protection that complement a lifesaver’s vigilance.

Warning: The Poseidon system is intended to complement lifeguards, not replace them or reduce their responsibilities or vigilance. Poseidon does not save people from drowning - lifeguards do. Under no circumstances should the presence or use of Poseidon result in the reduction or modification of lifeguard staffing or duties as required by regulation or normal practices

The Solution

Better, faster pool surveillance and detection.

Person Drowning*



To see this rescue and other Poseidon rescues, click here
* the above footage is real drowning and rescue footage from Poseidon.


$30 million in research & development.
5  patents.
10 year history.
27 lives saved.
Over 227 installations globally.
Part of the Maytronics family.

Poseidon proudly recognises the efforts of the following organisations

Samuel Morris Foundation
Shallow Water Blackout
Maytronics Australia

Technical Details

The Poseidon system has already helped save many lives worldwide.

A Swimmer in Difficult. Poseidon warns lifesavers on duty, via the workstation and LED display, as soon as a possible drowning is detected.
Cameras. Engineered for the demanding environment of the swimming pool, Poseidon’s cameras provide a complete and overlapping view. They can be mounted under the water in the walls of the pool for deep water, or overhead to monitor shallower areas. The underwater units include two high-quality optical cameras with a combined field of vision exceeding 180°. Low-profile and unobtrusive, they are mounted on the pool walls under the surface.
Touch Screen Workstation. A simple user interface allows operators to view images from the cameras and see alerts when they happen.
Central Processor. This unit manages and analyses the images from all Poseidon’s cameras, tracking swimmers in real time. When the system detects a swimmer in difficulty, it raises the alarm.
LED Display Panel. Displays in real time the location of the swimmer in trouble and the time elapsed since detection. The panel is visible from 100 metres and constructed from durable, corrosion-resistant and water- resistant materials. It is also equipped with an audible alarm.

How It Works

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Worldwide installations

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81 installations.

United States

49 installations.


One installation.

United Kingdom

12 installations.

The Netherlands

26 installations.


11 installations.


10 installations.


8 installations.


9 installations.


3 installations.


3 installations.


2 installations.


10 installations.


2 installations.

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